The savings accounts rates vary from one financial institution to the other. There are people who might not know “what is a savings account”. This article can help you know better about the savings accounts. Before opening it, you will have to find out the best savings accounts rates offered by the banks that meets your requirements. You can look through various websites which are related in giving the best savings account offered by the banks. You can shortlist few service providers and compare them with the tools. Once you pick an appropriate bank for opening the savings account, you can use the savings account calculator to manage everything easily. There are many benefits of using these savings account calculators. They are readily available in online and can be downloaded for free.

What is a savings account?

A savings account is an account through which an account holder deposits money and in turn the bank pays him or her interest. It is the best way to earn interest and since it is bank, they are completely secured. As you put more money, the more is the interest rates. Banks will have various tiers on savings account which literally means that based on the money you have in your account, you will be earning interests. When it comes to risk factor, it is completely low. They are not like stock markets and other money market funds. Since the banks are reputed and trustworthy, the money you drop in is completely safe. To find the best savings account, you will have to do a complete research with the help of internet and also by knowing things from people whom you know. The following are certain things which you need to look for before opening a savings account:

  • Rate of interest: The first initial thing to look for while opening savings account is none other than the interest rates offered by the financial institution. If the interests are high, you can take them so that you can have a high return in the end. You can earn good amount on the balance with high interest rates.
  • Minimum balance: The balance requirement differs from one bank to the other. Certain banks will ask you to have high minimum balance, whereas some requires you to have low minimum balance. It completely depends on the financial institution. There are certain banks which puts a penalty if there is no adequate minimum balance. Look at this feature properly before opening a savings account with a bank.
  • Transactions: Look for the transaction fees charged by the financial institution. There are even certain banks which puts a limit on the quantity of transactions which you can make with your account in a month.
  • ATM card: Know if you will be able to access an ATM card for the savings account because there are times when you might want some money and accessing your savings account with an ATM card can really be very helpful.
  • Check Book: When you literally don’t carry cash, then check books can be of great help. Make sure that the bank provides a check book for your savings account so that you can take out the cash at any point of time.
  • Online facility: Today in this fast moving modernized world, definitely you will want things to be quick. You will never like to wait. With the advancement of internet technology, the banking system has been entirely changed. The savings account that you open can be accessed through online. Check if this facility is there in the bank. with online, you can access your savings account without going out.


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