Savings accounts play a very essential role in our life. The cash you deposit is completely safe and also helps you in earning with the help of interest rates offered by a specific bank. You need to investigate a lot of things about the financial institutions in order to know their benefits and rates. You can check them with the help of online websites and local newspapers. You need to compare the interest rates on savings accounts, with the help of online comparison tools so that you can pick the one that suits your needs. Savings account can be opened with various types. For instance, you can look for joint savings and regular savings account. Let us know something about them even more through this article.

Joint savings account

joint bank accounts

The joint bank accounts have a lot of benefits. The joint bank accounts help the couples in various ways. Rather than opening up 2 accounts and maintaining it separately, couples can maintain as well as deposit the cash with one single account. It helps in building up the savings faster than any other account. It can also help you earn more interest from the cash that is deposited. Each individual associated with the joint account will have complete access on it which literally means that either one can withdraw the cash at any point of time. To open a joint account, you will have to follow the below steps which are as follows:

The first and foremost step begins by selecting an appropriate bank. Investigate the bank properly so that you can come across various things. You can search about them through their official website. You can get to know what sort of interest rate they put up on savings accounts which are of joint type. You can take the help of website in order to know about the various rates offered by different banks.

Once you choose the bank, you can open the account either by visiting the bank directly or through online. There are certain banks which will ask you to open the account only when you meet them directly. Check on all those things before opening it. For opening the joint saving account, you will have to give your name, residential address, social security number, contact numbers, city you live, state and other personal information. There will be separate forms for both the account holders which you need to fill it. Once you submit the application, it will be verified and then intimated to you if you qualify with all their requirements in order to open the joint account in their bank.

Regular savings account

The regular savings accounts are the ones which a bank offers and with which the account holder can earn through interest. It is absolutely liquid because funds can be withdrawn at any time without any kind of penalty. They are basically characterized by low interest rates and low minimum balances. There are many advantages of using these regular saving accounts which are as follows:

  • Ease of use: It is very easy to access these accounts. You can open such accounts in nearby banks which are close to your residence and where you have your checking account. You can pull the money whenever you are in need with the help of an ATM card.
  • Rate of interest: The interest rates on the savings account depend on the current market trends. However these accounts will always earn an interest even it is low or high. There wouldn’t be any loss in the money.
  • Security: FDIC guarantees complete security on the cash you deposit even if a bank fails. When you compare these accounts with stock market or other money market funds, there wouldn’t be any guarantee for security.

If you really want to invest on something useful with minimum risk, then you can move on with savings account. Interest rates on savings accounts vary from one bank to the other. Certain bank’s interest on savings account might be high whereas some may be low. This is the reason why you have to investigate about the financial institution properly so that you can not only know about their interest rates on savings accounts but also can come across various things and other benefits offered. If you are on a hunt for best savings account, then you must never limit yourself with one or probably two banks. Look and shortlist 5 banks or financial institution who interest on savings account is perfect and suits your needs. Then you need to make a comparison so that you can get to know about the one suiting your needs. There are many online tools for free which can help you in making a comparison. Banks can help you earn with the interest on the balance you have. The more is the money in your account, the more you will earn.

Interest rates on savings account

  • It is the amount which a specific bank pays to you for the amount you deposit. The interest rate completely varies from a bank to the other. It can either be compounded daily or yearly or monthly.
  • The interest will be credited by the bank at every month end.
  • Smaller banks might have better interest rates when compared to the larger ones. It completely depends.
  • Before picking a financial institution for opening a savings account, you will have to make a complete research on every factor associated to it. Check if it will meet all your basic requirements.
  • The banks will have various tiers of interest rates based on the amount of cash you deposit. The interest rate will grow as the amount you drop in grows. The interest rate will fall depending upon the balance you possess.
  • The savings account will help in keeping your money completely safe. It can help you at various situations like: buying a brand new car, making a down payment for the new house, buying a property and so on.

While opening a savings account, there are many things connected with it which you need to know about:

  • APY (Annual Percentage Yield): The first and foremost step is to visit the specific bank in which you have checking account and inquire about the interest rates of their savings account. Check with the annual percentage rates as it is connected with the current interest rates.
  • Investigate: You need to compare the interest rates which are quoted by the current bank with the other bank’s interest rates. You can use online comparison tools in order to find the best available interest rate offered by the banks. Credit Unions are the ones who offer high interest rates on their savings account. So you can try looking at them. Apart from interest rates, you also need to look other facilities and benefits offered by the banks. Check if they have the option of accessing the account through online so that it will be convenient for you to use it. It can be accessed at any point of time.
  • Minimum Balance: This is the most important factor to look for. There are certain banks which will ask you have to have high minimum balance. This can be a drawback. Look for the ones which ask only for low minimum balance with high interest rates so that you can earn well.


Opening a best high interest savings account has become essentially important because it helps you in saving all the cash down. As they are connected to the banks, they are completely safe and lock your money entirely. A saving account is not only limited for adults but also can be opened for your kids. There are many banks offering childrens savings account or children bank account through which a parent can secure their kid’s future. Money saved today for your kids can help them in their future. Recession has been hitting everyone that it has become very important to save something for you kids and thus opening the children savings account can be the wise choice. The children bank account will help your money grow for the time period. If you choose the banks that offer high interest childrens savings account, then you can literally earn on the cash you deposited.

children savings account

You can even teach your kids the importance of saving money. You can even tell them how the money is deposited in children bank account by taking them along with you and guiding them with useful instructions. The cash you deposit can be later used for education purposes or for any other expenses associated to your kid. The money saved at the right time for your children with the help of children savings account can help you in the future. It is better to start now before it gets too late. Bad situations can occur at any point of time in life but getting prepared now can be a smart choice. You can look for various banks and credit unions for this children savings account service so that it can grow as time passes. As the account gets opened, you can start depositing cash in it. A good bank will help you to keep track of all the balances, assists you by sending monthly statements, transaction details done in a month etc. once you kid is middle or high school level, you can even think about opening a good checking account for them so that they will not be able to write too many checks. Instead they will start depositing more cash in it and they will also learn to become responsible at a young age. They will think of earning and depositing cash in their account. They will even learn to control their spending habits and thinking of saving alone.

Once your kid gains experience in saving, managing their cash and being responsible, you can move a bit higher by getting debit cards. Almost all the banks will offer these debit cards and are literally much safer when compared to a credit card. A debit card is similar to a credit card but with the debit card, one can spend cash only from a specific account. With the help of a debit card, one can take out cash with the help of an ATM (Automated Teller Machine). You can even set up a particular limit as to how much your kids can spend in a day or how much they can withdraw from their account so that they don’t get the habit of spending in excess. With the help of a debit card, children can learn a lot of things without any risk. Kids can spend this cash only at specific places and for a specific amount. As a parent, you can easily track their accounts and know what they are doing. They will get well experienced with money management. Hence they will know what is right and what is wrong. They will be successful in making money in the future.

The best saving account is the one that is able to fulfill all the basic needs of an individual. There are many banks offering the best high interest savings account and through which you can have a high yield. You can open a savings in 2 ways which are as follows:

  • Direct banking
  • Online banking

best high interest savings account

With the advancement of internet technology and fast moving era, nobody likes to wait for anything. This is the reason why people are preferring things to be done in online way. It is completely convenient and saves you a lot of time. The best online savings account is the one that suits all the basic needs of an account holder. If you are thinking of opening the best online savings account, then you will have to consider certain things which are as follows:

  • Established and reputed banks: While looking for the banks, you will have to look if the financial institution is well reputed and trustworthy. Also check for its benefits and facilities offered to an account holder. Check if the account is insured by FDIC so that your money is completely protected. There are many reputed as well as established banks in online through which you can pick one.
  • Best online savings account rates: This indeed isn’t an easy job. You will have to research about a lot of banks that offers best online savings account rates. Only when you pick the best high interest savings account, you can earn a high yield. There are many banks which are offering high interest rates but there are certain banks which entice you with their high interest rates but there might be certain hidden charges which you may not be aware of while opening the account. Hence don’t fall for such accounts instantly. You need to investigate properly about their cost and other benefits offered by the banks with the associated savings account.
  • Customer service: This is the one important factor which you must always look into while opening a savings account. Check if the bank is offering a proper helps line and make sure that they assist you at any time whenever you have a problem.

Benefits of using online savings account

There are many benefits of opening a savings account through online which are as follows:

  • Quicker response
  • Easy fund transfer
  • It saves you a lot of time
  • They are convenient to use
  • You can earn on the money you have
  • You can manage your savings account easily
  • You can carry out all the transactions smoothly
  • You can access your account at any point of time
  • They are fast when compared to traditional banking
  • It is secured as you will have your unique id and password
  • Banks offer the facility of controlling the finances properly
  • It offers you to pay all the bills without any charges. They are literally free
  • When compared to traditional banking, you will find more deals and discounts through online
  • You don’t have to move out of your comfort zone and go all way to the bank just to make a transaction.

Thus opening a savings account through online can help you in lot of ways. There are many people who have been opening savings account with the help of online since the response is quicker. If you are on a hunt for such accounts, you will have to look for many banks and probably shortlist so that you can compare and pick the one that suits all your basic needs.


The best savings account rates will help you to save a lot of cash. There are many reasons for opening a savings account. Even if you save a little or more, you need to open a savings account. To open a savings account, you will have to investigate about the financial institution properly. You need to look at the savings account rates and pick the best saving account that suits your needs. Search for the high interest savings accounts so that it can give you a high yield. Saving money is really very important and people save cash for many different reasons. But the main reason is to secure for the bad times. The savings of one individual differs from the other and hence the ideal saving account for a person is the one that suits all the requirements. There is nothing called the best saving account, it entirely depends if the account holder is satisfied with the savings account interest rates. Before picking one, you need to investigate about various service providers and shortlist the best saving account rates. Make use of a comparison website through which one can literally know the perfect savings account fulfilling all the needs. There are many types of savings account which you need to know about:

Regular savings accounts: If an individual has limited amount of cash with them and if he or she needs to begin saving with that minute cash they have in their hands, then it is better to opt for a regular savings account. With the help of this account, one can easily get access to their funds at any time. If you are really looking one of this account types, then you can move on with a local bank or credit union because they will ask you to have low minimum balance, may be about $100 and also lets you to withdraw limited money so that they can help lock your savings. They make sure that you don’t take out too much money from it. These accounts are completely safe as they are insured by FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), which means that if even a bank fails to secure your cash, this FDIC will take care of it so you don’t have to worry about losing your cash.

Money market accounts: These are offered by almost all the banks, investment firms and credit union. The cash that you deposit in the bank will be used to purchase certain shares and will also be invested in short term bonds which are usually issued by the huge corporations as well as governments. These are basically similar to regular savings. But a drawback is that, it requires you to have high minimum balance when compared to regular saving accounts. It can be from $700 to $25000. Even though the balance required is high, it will ask you to pay you high interest rates and this is the reason why many people are pouncing on it.

CD (Certificate of Deposit): This is a fixed interest rate type of savings account which is offered by banks and credit unions. These will pay you the best rate of interest. In exchange of this ideal interest rate, you will have to leave your cash in deposit for a particular time duration which is referred as “maturity”. The maturity can be from few months to many years. If you happen to withdraw the cash prior to the specified time duration, then there will be a penalty incurred upon you. These CDs can be bought for different amounts ranging from few dollars to $100000 or even more.


It is really hard to find the best interest savings accounts these days. You can earn a lot of cash on your balance with the help of high interest savings accounts. Interest rates can be of types. One is fixed and other is variable. The fixed interest rates are the ones which doesn’t change and the variable are the ones whose rates change with respect to time. With the fixed rate savings accounts, you will be able to lock your cash for the total term. Before looking for high interest savings accounts, it is important to know about certain things which are as follows.

high interest savings accounts

High interest savings accounts

  • If you are someone who wishes to use the savings account often, then you can probably think about regular savings account as the yield is good and has attractive interest rates. It allows more flexibility and good return as well.
  • You can even check about the money-market accounts. They are completely traditional and available in almost all the financial institutions. You can even visit some banks like: US bank, Bank of America as well as credit unions. These banks let you to deposit minimum cash in the beginning. These banks will not have any kind of penalty incurred in withdrawals.
  • If you are really looking for high yield interest accounts, then better to invest in some high return money market accounts as they possess excellent interest rates but only disadvantage is that they require an individual to give high minimum deposit. Even if your deposit drops below the minimum requirement, then you will have to pay a fee for it.
  • One of the best high interest savings accounts is none other than investing in CDS (Certificate of Deposits). They can be of good yield for a longer term and offers the ideal interest rates.
  • You can even check the website in order to compare the various interest rates offered by different banks and financial institutions.

Fixed rate savings accounts

  • With the interest rates going up and down, you need to find a better option for saving your money. One of the best options is to go with the fixed interest rates. Generally almost all the savings account will have interest rates that are of variable type. Hence you will have to look for the ones which have fixed interest rates.
  • Savings bonds can be one of the safest options for getting high yield. These can generally be bought from federal government as they are completely safe and also gives you the facility of buying them through online. A big advantage of using bonds are none other than that they are tax-deferred. It helps the customers in earning through interest for several years.
  • Yet another type of fixed rate savings is none other than the fixed annuities. These fixed rate annuities can help you save a lot of cash. These are the type of investments which will not be covered with FDIC insurance.
  • The annuities are basically similar to CD, where a customer will have to agree for leaving a specific amount for a certain period. The company associated in providing with that particular annuity will give the customer with specified rate of interest along with the time duration.
  • Before getting into these kinds of investments, you will have to investigate about the annuity company properly and also consult an investment adviser who is well experienced.

Business savings accounts are very essential in today’s fast moving world. It helps in saving you the money you earn. The risk involved in opening the best business bank account possesses less risk. The cash you save with the help of your savings account can be used for emergency. You can even take advantage of the interest rates offered by the bank. There are many banks which offers savings account for both sole proprietorships and incorporated firms. Before opening a business savings account, you need to check on the bank properly. You need to investigate all the information about a financial institution. You need to make a savings account comparison so that you can know which is the Look for the business bank accounts that offer lot of facilities to a customer. For opening the best business bank account, you need to follow the below steps.

business bank accounts

Business bank accounts

Opening a business savings account needs a proper documentation in order to prove your identity. Before opening an account in a credit union or a bank or through online, you will have to have a driving license, copy of business license, employer id and SSN (Social Security Number).

You can visit a credit union or local bank for opening a savings account for your business. Before you apply for one, you will have to have your business identification as well as personal identification documents. Apart from it, you will have to deposit a cash of 1000 dollars. You need to fill an application form with the help of your bank representative and carry out all the formalities. If you do every formality according to the rules, then you will be receiving your ATM card and other official documents within 7 days or 10 days.

One of the best banks to open an account is none other than ING. It has the ING Direct Business savings account which has the benefit of opening a savings account with a minimum deposit. You can fill an application form, giving all the necessary information like name of your business, date of birth, social security number, employer id, residential address, corporate status and business address.

You can even take a visit at Bank of America that offers small business savings account. You can take a look on the prices offered by them along with the facilities. You can even open an account with the help of online but you will have to send certain business as well as personal documents through either fax or mail. It can be risky at times. Make sure about the security and then send it. With Bank of America, you only need to deposit $300 as minimum. It can be transferred either electronically or directly by visiting the bank or with the help of a money order.

Best savings account

It is really important to find a savings account that has high yield. But finding the best one during recession times can really be very hard. But if you know about the industry properly, you can find one with ease. You don’t have to roam looking for it. You can sit comfortably in your home and hunt for the best savings account for your business with the help of online websites. Consider the following things:

Don’t look at those random advertisements you see on television or hear on radio saying that they give you the best interest rates. You need to research about the company properly in online websites.

Visit the website to know better about the financial websites. It will help you in giving a lot of information about the interest rates offered by different websites. Before opening an account, you will have to investigate about the financial institution properly.


Bank accounts are really essential these days because this is the safest place to put down all your savings. It is really important to make savings account comparison before availing one. Only when you compare bank accounts, you will be able to know what are the various interest rates associated with each bank and are they providing a free bank account or not. When it comes to business, it is really important to compare bank accounts so that you can pick out the best based on your requirements. A free bank account is one that doesn’t put up any charges while opening an account. Savings account comparison will help you to know the interest rates and when you avail one, you will have to make sure that you are able to get all the facilities offered by the bank. Also read more about student bank account.

Check with all the offers provided by your bank so that you don’t regret later for choosing the wrong bank. Clear out everything and check if there is any kind of hidden charges which has to be paid annually. If so then drop the bank and find another one. You will have to investigate about bank from outside or from the people who have availed or from website’s comments given by the public. Read about all the bank’s terms, policies and conditions. Know about their fees and other charges associated with every transaction. If you aren’t clear about something, then you will have to ask the bank officials immediately so that you don’t have any doubts.

free bank account

Working with the banks through online has made life really simple. You don’t have to waste your time in traveling all the way from your home or office to bank just to make transactions. All you need to is to fill a form for accessing the online service offered by the bank. In this way you will be authenticated and you will be provided with a user name and password. Nobody else will be able to access your account. Transferring all the cash from account to another has been never easy without online. Bills can be easily paid with the help of bank accounts. You can deposit paychecks well in advance so that bills will be paid automatically on the date you have specified. It will be transferred electronically and for each of this transaction, there will be a specific cost put up on it. Hence it is really important to check for the charges put up by a bank. There are banks that provide services through emails and texts. Whenever you make a transaction, you will be able to receive a mail or a short message saying that you have done so and so transaction and you have a balance of the some specific amount in your savings account. You can even take out or withdraw cash from an ATM (Automated Teller Machine). This service is offered by the bank and helps you to operate it for 24×7. You can take out cash whenever you are in need and is absolutely free to take out the cash from it. There are no charges put up on it. To access the ATM machine, you will have to offer the PIN number given by the bank to you. This PIN number has to be kept very secretly by you and must never do the mistake of storing it in your mobile because there are hackers doing all sorts of illegal things. They can take out your money without even making you realize and by the time you come to know about it, it might be too late.

It is very essential to start saving some money for your kids at an early stage so that you don’t have to suffer later. Expenses are massive and price hikes are at its peak and this is why it is important that you open bank accounts for children. The earlier you start, the better it is!! Children must be taught to save money at an earlier stage by their elders and they must also learn not to spend cash immediately when they get. Savings are really important for their better life. Make them learn this habit so that they value the money at an early stage. You can open bank accounts for children and take them along with you so that they come to know how they can save and earn interest from saved money. Also read about how to apply for bank account online?

student bank account

What are student bank accounts?

Apart from children accounts, there is even student bank account which is really helpful for students. It helps in managing all the expenses related to your studies. Hence you don’t have worry anymore if you avail for a student bank account. You can study peacefully and have more focus on what you want to become. There are many banks who offer student bank accounts and some even set up some stalls in front of the universities so that they can tempt you to get it. You must never fall for it immediately by just what they say and you hear. Make some research on it so that you can pick up the best deal for it. Check out their interest rates as well as withdrawal fees. Gen up on almost all the information you can!! There are certain banks that will provide some deals based on transactions you make with your credit card. You will have to make use of the debit card with the number of times a bank specifies. Make sure you ask about each thing associated to it. When you go for an online account, things are always easy as well as convenient. You don’t have to go all the way to the bank just to make a transaction. Time has changed now. The world on internet is just fascinating and minimizes our entire work load. You can pay bills at any time and there are even banks that offers credit card as well but take them only when you are 100% sure of not spending it. Once you open an account, you will have to maintain it properly. There are even certain banks which offer student loans along with the opening of an account. The reason is that students whose family is less affordable in spending for their studies can avail such loans so that they will be able to manage all the expenses properly. They no more have to worry about the expenses on the studies because bank will take care of it. You will be now able to manage the entire financial situation easily. If you are away from home and at such times you might require the help and suggestions from your family members. You might have doubts regarding the students account. You don’t have to take much tension about it because banks are always there to help you at any time. All you need to do is to get along with them and put up your questions. They will answer you and clear you until you don’t understand. Things become very easy as well as efficient when it comes to student accounts in banks. You will be able to learn many things at an early stage. You can control your spending habits and realize the real importance of saving. A single penny saved is a single penny earned!!!

Time has changed and facilities have been improved with the help of internet. There are some of the best online banks and best online savings account through which you can do a lot of stuffs. You can apply for bank account online and the procedure is really simple.

apply for bank account online

You can have a look at this official website for sample application form. One of the best online banks can be Bank of America which offers a lot of facilities to the customers. It has a unique security feature when compared to other banks. To pick the best online savings account, you will have to consider the following things:

  • First and foremost is to check the interest rate that is offered by the institutions. There are certain banks which offer high interest rates. You can do a research properly in the internet so that you can come to know about various deals and offers.
  • A savings account must have fewer procedures and as far as online account is concerned, it is not necessary that you must possess a minimum balance.
  • Make sure that the safety of that particular bank is high when compared to other banks as there are lots of scams happening out there.
  • Look at the interest rates because certain banks offer high annual yields and they even don’t charge fee for it. Hence select such banks.
  • Check if there are any hidden charges. If there are then avoid taking such accounts. You need to take the one that has low interest rates and which provide fewer fees.

Taking up the best online savings account has certain benefits which are as follows:

  • It helps in minimizing the overall risks while doing transactions. They are completely fast and give instant response. There are even certain financial institutions that do not put up any kind of cost on the customers for opening an account. They are genuine and safe.
  • It saves a lot of time as well as money. They have a fantastic customer service and help you in every situation.

How to apply for bank account online?

One can easily apply a bank account online. Let us look at the procedure. You will have to be above 18 years so that you can avail all the facilities offered by the bank. Then you will be asked to give your name, nationality, contact number and residential address. In case you have kids, then you will be asked to give their details as well. If you are living in a home that has not been a long time, then you will have to keep your previous address in your hand, where you were living previously. After filling in all these details, you will then have to give your employment details. The banks ask you for your monthly income along with the proof so that they can ensure what sort of package is required for you. Then they will ask you, if you are in need of debit card. Once they get in all the details, they will verify if all the information that you have provided is correct or wrong. Make sure that you are opening the online account in the genuine site because there are lots of scams happening out there online and hackers just wait for innocent individuals like you to enter in all your personal information. Always do all these kind of procedures in the bank’s official site alone and never reply through any emails. Before you apply for the process, you will definitely have to read all the terms and conditions thoroughly. You will have to know all the information associated with the bank policies so that you can get an idea how things move on.